From now on, my default answer to anything will be “I’ll think about it.”

"Postmodernity then represents the culmination of this process where constant change has become the status quo and the notion of progress obsolete."

I do my best work when I have clear directions and an absolute lack of interruptions. All other work is about attaining that environment.

“All other work” almost entirely involves listening to other people, sprinkled with occasional questions.

I’ve also found it to be vital to treat myself with the same respect. Self reflection leads to health and happiness.

If you’re wondering, this is the book that helped me figure out I have ADD. Except I didn’t read it, couldn’t do it. My wife did. She had a “holy shit” moment when reading over the symptoms of the hypoactive aspects of the disorder.

At first I honestly didn’t believe her and had an excuse for every symptom she read off. But as time went by, we kept thinking, and she helped me write a list of things from my and my family’s history. I took that to my doctor, who was quite understanding, and that was that.

My favourite part of my conversation with him went like this:

"And I can’t even get anything done unless I’ve got my headphones on and I’m listening to music." I said.

"What kind?"

"Oh, the heavier the better."

He nodded. “Yup, me too.”

Since then, I’ve noticed there’s a lot of people out there who share the disorder. Though I think many have no idea.

If you’re curious, give the book a shot.

(oh, and no there’s not fucking affiliate link…Minnesota tax laws killed that dead).

Fads, trends, and the winds of change are precisely why I believe it’s important to stand for what I believe in.

I was diagnosed last year.

Unlike my kids, who’re the hyperactive type literally bouncing off the walls, I’m the hypoactive kind. Some days, I can’t fucking move.

If you saw me popping pills at work, that was Adderall. The brain converts amphetamines to dopamine, which counters the root chemical problem of ADD, an under-production of dopamine in the brain.

Here’s the kicker: for me, it’s not genetic.

I developed ADD as a result of child abuse. Which, as I understand it, means that I was so heavily abused by my parents that my brain’s ability to produce happy juice was impaired to the point I developed a mental disorder.

By time I entered my late teens the best I could do most days was lie on my bed, effectively catatonic from PTSD, listening to heaviest music I could find, waiting for the next barrage to hit.

As a result, the only thing that actually pumped up my brain with dopamine was anger. Just about every day at work I’d swear at and curse whatever I was working on, then knock out some code, finally feeling triumphant by the end of the day. The times I couldn’t were horrific torture. I’m not proud, but that’s how it went. Either I got angry or I couldn’t fucking move.

Look at me, talking about it like it’s the past or something. ha ha ha. (grumble)

Similarly, the music I enjoy is harder than most people can tolerate, yet I’d be completely calm while it’s blasting. That’s because it’s a passive form of dopamine production. It doesn’t require me to get (as) angry. The music alone can sometimes invigorate me enough to function.

This is all based on my experiences and almost completely uneducated medical opinion, so please do take it with a grain of salt. But two out of two doctors concur.

So, there you go. That’s my secret. I was so abused as a child I developed a mental disorder. Fuck yeah.

The Amazon Fire TV comes with game support out of the box. That seems important to me and smart. It’s a genuinely important competitive advantage, and they’ll have at least one hit, Minecraft, available for it day one.

But, excepting the Wii Fit, I know of no video game peripheral that ever sold well, and I expect the Fire TV’s game controller to follow suit. In order to succeed, the peripheral typically had to ship with the console or it wasn’t recognized by customers as being available, and of those that were aware it was a hard sell. Buy the peripheral, or another game?

Though, I think Amazon is doing the right thing by selling the console without a controller. But I imagine that’s only for the initial launch because adding one in would put the price over $100, and I think that’d be too far above its competitors’ devices.

If the system takes off, and the controller and games sell well enough, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Amazon release a “Gamer’s Edition” that bundles a controller or two (two, please, because nobody has done that since the SNES), and a game or three for under $200.

Whatever happens, the gap between a console and a computer just got bridged.

You can download this iOS 7 icon template I built.

Loud Bit is me, my business, and my work. Through it all I intend to build a genuinely healthy work environment.

"…[A]n investor will succeed by coupling good business judgment with an ability to insulate his thoughts and behavior from the super-contagious emotions that swirl about the marketplace."

Warren Buffet.

Substitute “An investor” with “Anyone” and you may see why I appreciate this advice.